DVM’s Letters (A New Feature)

All from the Beaver County Times (except for the added images):

Retaliate against Terrorist Attacks (November 30, 2010, and December 7, 2010) 

Stupid Is As… (October 27, 2010, and October 31, 2010)

A True Free Market Is the Best Apology (July 7, 2009, and July 10, 2009)

Nothing Wrong with Goose Hunt (December 28, 2008, and January 2, 2009)

Marriage between Man and Woman (December 5, 2008; December 10, 2008; and December 12, 2008)

Ailing White House Press Secretary Tony Snow Quits (September 1, 2007, and September 6, 2007)

More from the Decade When Trump Was Amusing

Shakespeare in the Slums, January 28, 1989

It’s a Carnival! &c., January 15, 1989

Aliens &c. (Unretouched Version), November 18, 1987

Six Nonobjectives in Charcoal (Unretouched Version), June 14, 1987

Jack, or the Submission, 1987

Beyond Therapy, 1986

Flash Fiction (a Hundred Words or Fewer) #61: Le Hoppy Merchant

Seeing that Jeff’s blog featured Le Hoppy Merchant, in which that black-and-white drawing of the yarmulked, hook-nosed, black-bearded Jew gleefully rubbing his hands together, a drawing the alt-right called Le Happy Merchant, had turned into a purple Easter bunny, with even the yarmulke and beard purple, reminded Taylor once more that the alt-right sucked.  As head of REAL (Republicans Everywhere Are Lit), an organization aimed at Millennials, she knew that reclaiming wokeness from the Democrats required an avoidance of stupidity and an embrace of inclusiveness toward everyone, even Muslims and Latinx.  (Plus that creep Jeff had kept hitting on her.)

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