Smeariness Equals Artistic Brilliance

Some recent sketchbook drawings by DVM:

Piked Parrot Amid the Anti-Capitalist Furor, March 24, 2021

Underlying Sewage (or Sewer) Smell, January 7, 2021

Thank You All for Checking In (or Should I Thank You All?), January 7, 2021

L-R: Thermometer, Tube, Lamp, Fleebton Schlinker, December 17, 2020

Bloody Good Tube, Rube?, December 17, 2020

Flash Fiction (a Hundred Words Exactly) #85: Giant Chthonic Hairballs

Modern lesbianism: one day at Whole Foods, Meghan—that cute cashier with the pierced cheeks—flirtatiously invited me to her art opening. So the next night, I stopped by the Transmission Gallery (a former auto repair shop), where I stared at her sculptures, which resembled giant chthonic hairballs: fuzzy, tentacled, and seeping imitation blood. “Whadjoo think?” she asked, wearing a COVID mask and a flapper dress, both the same faded turquoise.

Très Disney Channel,” I replied through my beige-and-beiger-checked mask. She giggled. And walked away. Oh well. I drove home alone, vowing to continue looking for affordable, non-crummy health insurance.

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