Turhan Bey Fan Club (2021)

Not final cover (or is it?)

My latest project, probably a chapbook: a neurologically-unique, not-so-young man in Western Pennsylvania narrates the story of a particularly memorable Sunday in March 2020 involving his mother; his ex-girlfriend; the TV show Murder, She Wrote; an actor nicknamed the Turkish Delight; orchids; ballet; childhood humor magazines; the looming pandemic; an absence of social distancing; and a constipated turtle. I designed the above mockup cover (photo from Wikipedia Commons). You should have this book atop your Leaning Tower of Nightstand Reading Material before the year ends. (As for my novel Normal Tastes, which I promised last year I’d publish this year: well, heh heh, we’ll see.)–DVM, February 24, 2021,10:34 PM EST