Flash Fiction #116 (Exactly 116 Words): Some Vikings Get All Depressed

Sure, my brother’s a Vicodin addict, but at least his migraines have disappeared.  And hey, he feels absolutely great; some Vikings get all depressed, even more depressed than the kids at my high school.  (Vike-kings, get it?)  Every time I drop by his apartment, his upbeat mood almost convinces me he’ll be okay.  Almost.

Speaking of his apartment, how does he even pay rent?  He won’t tell me; he lost his job months ago, and I sure as hell don’t give him anything.  Maybe Mom does.  She won’t tell me, either.

My last visit, he said “You should quit teaching and become a barista.  Coffee keeps people sane.  Homework doesn’t.”  (I do puns; he does epigrams.)

Copyright © 2021 by David V. Matthews

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