Flash Fiction #115 (Exactly 115 Words): The Single Life

“You know what Mommy said?” my six-year-old son asked me during dinner at Dave & Buster’s.  “She said the firefighters serve the people, the ambulances serve the people, and the cops serve the government.”

Later, after I’d returned him to my ex-wife, and he’d gone off to watch Trolls World Tour for the millionth time:

“Stop feeding him your anti-police bullshit,” I told her.

“Yeah, telling him the truth is bullshit,” she said.

“Keep it up, and I’ll sue for full custody.”

“Good luck with that.  You’re lucky you get to see him at all.”

“A little too early for PMS, isn’t it?”

And then she really went ballistic.  Even the single life stresses me.

Copyright © 2021 by David V. Matthews

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