Flash Fiction #117 (Exactly 117 Words): Two VIP Tickets

12/31/2021: Tyler, having heard Betty White, the last surviving Golden Girl, had died that day, posted on his Reddit account those nude photos she’d posed for sometime in her twenties, photos where she shows her non-geriatric boobs and butt. His girlfriend Skyler, a Golden Girls fan, saw him post the photos.

“You think she’s hot?” she asked.

“Sure,” he replied. “I’d bang her.”

“I’d rather bang the young Bea Arthur.”

Whereupon Ty and Sky ushered in the new year by staying home and banging each other. Afterwards, screw COVID, they spent $105 on-line for two VIP tickets for the Golden Girls puppet show in January at that fancy theater. You can do anything when you’re in love.

Copyright © 2022 by David V. Matthews

December 31, 2021-January 1, 2022

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