Flash Fiction (a Hundred Words Exactly) #94: Artisanal Cruller

Why NOT an incongruous image?

Due to some nasty tweets from right-wing Christians, my employer, WebFresh International, briefly considered scrapping its young-adult e-comics series, Radical T, featuring retro-Eighties, teenage trans superheroes who wear headbands.  So during one (socially-distanced) breakroom break, noshing on my artisanal cruller, I said “I hope when those Bible-thumpers die and end up sucking cock in heaven, they don’t forget to lick the scrote.”  My coworkers laughed.  Finally I’d paraphrased that classic movie, The Exorcist.  But someone ratted me out to HR, and now I have to waste a couple hours this Saturday in virtual sensitivity training.  Moral: Disney movies suck nothing.

Copyright © 2021 by David V. Matthews

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