Flash Fiction (a Hundred Words Exactly) #93: Don’t Block the Screen

Okay, okay, I heard you the first time.  I’ll buy it after the game ends….No, they’ll still be open….Of course I’m sure.  They have extended hours on Fridays, everyone wanting to stock up for the weekend.  You of all people should know that….Yes, I have to watch this.  Do you have to watch your fucking shows?…Well, too bad.  Maybe you shouldn’t be a pothead then…Yeah, yeah, I’m a boozer….Okay, fine, I’ll go.  But you gotta give me a blowjob first.  Just don’t block the screen….Well, fuck you too….Bye, pothead……..When’ll they have real audiences at these games again?  Fucking COVID.

Copyright © 2021 by David V. Matthews

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