Flash Fiction (a Hundred Words Exactly) #75: Watch Me Trick Fred out of His Fruity Pebbles

Better than the first Trump-Biden debate, or the movie version of Cats, or your first sweetheart.

Everything you liked as a kid sucked. Everything. Don’t tell me you liked, say, the Alice in Wonderland books, or classic Hollywood movies, or old-school hip-hop. As a suburban kid in Nowhere USA, you liked the same lame cultural products that your peers did; you’d even quote TV-commercial catchphrases to flaunt your sophistication.

You should revel in your past averageness, a badge of honor for you and other self-proclaimed sophisticates. “Heh heh, you wouldn’t believe the crap I used to watch!” Or read to listen to or create. A past membership in normal society at least gives you a past.

Copyright © 2020 by David V. Matthews

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