Flash Fiction #111 (Exactly 111 Words): Five Cokes

My fiancé Delbert and I met my family for dinner one night at Eat’n Park.  Soon after the waitress had brought our group’s beverages, five Cokes, my parents asked him how he expected to support me on an associate proctologist’s salary.  “Quite well,” he said.

“Yeah, you make a hole lotta money, right?” my brother asked.

My parents laughed, drawing me closer to Delbert.  He hated jokes about his profession.  If my parents hadn’t laughed, who knows?  I might have told him “Sorry” and married Hank instead, who actually ended up marrying my future lover Brenda.  I might never have met her or even stopped drinking Coke.  (She preferred mineral water.)  

Copyright © 2021 by David V. Matthews

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