Flash Fiction (a Hundred Words Exactly) #97: Camus Estates

Sumac spelled backwards is…an author who hasn’t sold even one percent of the books that Happy Hank Dugan, author of the children’s book series The Adventures of Captain Stinky, has (though from what I’ve read somewhere on that site everyone reads, Camus, unlike, Happy Hank, never to anyone’s knowledge snorted a ton of primo blow, then sang “Some Enchanted Evening,” nude, before the Colonel Augustus G. Bingleman statue in Wert Park, Wyoming, the night of the infamous microwaved Lego incident at Mayor Fusfield’s timeshare).

When I drive past those townhomes called Caymus Estates, I think they’re Camus Estates. Then I think about the only Camus book I’ve read, one I read in college, The Stranger, about this white guy who kills an Arab in French Algiers for no reason, gets arrested and shows no remorse, and goes to the guillotine. Okay, first, the killer would’ve actually received a medal, everyone was so racist back then. And second, I received a D for the book report I wrote, souring me on litrachur. Eh, the book types bug me anyway—too aware. Only the clueless survive.

Copyright © 2021 by David V. Matthews

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