Flash Fiction (a Hundred Words or Fewer) #55: Omar’s O-Face

My favorite website, Pornhole, has gone too far this time.  Their newest video, Omar’s O-Face, features an Ilhan Omar lookalike (complete with hijab) getting gangbanged by a bunch of Israelis.  I thought I’d find the video unintentionally funny, but the anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic content made me drink not one but two bottles of Neckbeard, that artisanal lager aimed at Millennials (and at Gen-Xers like me who try to fuck Millennials).  By watching this crap, do I collaborate with the Trumpists, or do I demonstrate my cultural iconoclasm, or both?  Should I even return to that halcyon age of apolitical vegetating?

Copyright © 2019 by David V. Matthews

revised April 24, 2019

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