The Aughts NEEDED Dapper Bespectacled Robots!

Sketchbook pages:

Two Patriotic Points and “Continental Drift” by Kyle Fischer, April 4, 2006

If We All Get the Faces We Deserve by the Time We’re Forty, Then Jim Shooter’s Face Is That of a Man Who Can’t Be Trusted, August 15, 2003

First in War, August 14, 2003

Freakin’ Thomas Dolby!, August 19, 2002

Carol Saftner &c., August 19, 1998/March 31, 2002

“Harmony” and “The Equalizer” by Clinic &c., March 28, 2002

The Opening to The Bullwinkle Show &c., October 25, 2000-November 29, 2000

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