The 1990s: More Than Just The Baby-Sitters Club!

All sketchbook pages:

Convertibles, Headbands, Adjustable Headrests, and Rotating Signs (Los Angeles, March 30, 1968, 9:09 AM), January 23, 1997

D. Matthews Presents Another Menagerie!, January 23, 1997

Salute to Marvin, December 30, 1996/January 2, 1997

He Gets Delirious, Whenever I’m Near…, November 24, 1996/ December 1-2, 1996

Flat Menagerie #1: Grassy Enclosure &c., February 11, 1996/February 20, 1996

Horton Thinks about Some Hot Sex He Had with a Call Girl Named Susan in Atlantic City in 1952, March 7, 1994

Pubic Masterpiece, March 2, 1994

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