Flash Non-fiction (a Hundred Words or Fewer) #1: Nonwoke Litstuds

To paraphrase David Foster Wallace, fiction’s about what it is to be fucking a human being—all fiction, not just porn.  Like sex, fiction attempt to form a relationship with someone—the reader, in this case.  And why else do littérateurs refer to a story’s high point as a climax?  And—huh, this analogy has petered out, pun intended.

Anyway, too bad DFW wasn’t woke; he didn’t treat women that well, but lots of litcrits—male and female—have excused that due to the litcrits’ living vicariously through nonwoke litstuds.  Publishing is boring.  Cultural gatekeepers need their mental party decorations.

Copyright © 2018 by David V. Matthews

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