When my son Austin was seven, he asked me one day “Could I have a manicure, please?”

“Do you know what a manicure is?” I asked, remaining calm.

“Yeah. I mean yes.”

“So what is it?”

“It’s when you trim and clean up your fingernails and stuff to make ’em look fancy.”

“That’s right. But why do you, personally, want them to look fancy?”

“I just feel like it. So could I have one, please, Mom?”

“Well, now, let’s say you did have one. Do you like playing with your friends?”


“Well, then you couldn’t play with them anymore, because you might get your fingernails dirty and ruin the manicure you just had.”

“I won’t get them dirty, Mom. I promise.”

“Are you sure about that, Austin? Think hard.”

He did just that, for a few moments.

“So, do you still want a manicure?” I asked.

“I guess not,” he replied.

“You made the right choice. Now you can continue to have fun with your friends.”


He never asked for a manicure again. Of course, he still became a homosexual years later, but at least his house now has wonderful landscaping. I don’t know if that has anything to do with homosexuality, but still, he does all the landscaping himself. Even my priest likes Austin’s angular hedges.

Copyright © 2016 by David V. Matthews

3 thoughts on “Manicure”

  1. David I’m watching your ASPIE Seeks Love and I want to thank you and everyone involved. My son has Aspie and watching you gave my wife and I a glimpse into his world without him opening up. Thank you David I would love to hear from you and start a friendship. My name is Douglas Smith-Graham of Centennial, Co.

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      1. Sorry for my really tardy response, My son is 19 now and we only found out 3 years ago. I have told everyone I can about you and the great documentary about you and your friends. Watching the documentary really made my wife and I relived to see our son was not the only one to struggle with jobs, relationships, and reading the room (as we call it) His Name is Adryan Smith-Graham goes to online High School is in trouble with the courts right now because of a police sting, but he is a good young man desperate for friends and acceptance. I’m sure you can understand that feeling. Thanks again for the reply, I will for sure check back sooner than last time. But who thought a big movie star like yourself would email little old me. HAHAHA I’m sure you don’t consider yourself a movie star, but your a star in my book.

        Douglas Smith-Graham


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