Sketchbook Pages

Bullfrog Salute to Krazy Kat, January 2, 1997 (NSFW)

Balloon Boy’s Prescient Memorial Tribute to the Artist’s Dead Boy, June 12, 1975, December 15-25, 1996

Ad from the Alien TV Guide, December 3-12, 1996

Automatic Cheap Plastic Strip Dispenser in a Barren Artistic Landscape (Well, Not Really Barren), March 23-30, 1996; and The Sadistic Scientists and Their Observation Room, May 3, 1996 (NSFW for the latter drawing, on the same page)

Hornet Love, Fourth of July, February 9, 1996

Michael Puts Together a Hollywood-Coconut [?] Grove Outfit: a Dash of Today, “Dallas,” and Tomorrow or, New Wave Watermelon (after Page 35 of Wild Style), January 23, 1996 

Sasha (after Photo in Wild Style: The Next Wave in Fashion, Flair and Makeup, Fireside 1985), January 22, 1996

Surprise (after a 1940s Magic Chef Oven Ad), January 20, 1996

Extraterrestrial Death Comics, January 19, 1996

Kermit and the Finger Sacrifice, January 19, 1996

Caucasian Blowtorch, c. 1976, January 18, 1996

Stainless Steel Smile, January 12, 1996

Stainless Steel Headache, January 12, 1996