America Is Inviting Its Own Destruction

Letters from the Beaver County Times.  Left: January 17, 2001; and January 26, 2001.  Right: June 24, 2006, p. A6.  I read the Times from the late Eighties to 2011, when I let my subscription lapse due to the paper’s declining quality; during that time, Alexandra McKenzie was the only writer to come out in the letters column.  (By the way, did interracial lesbian couple stock art (note the watermark and the order number) exist on ye olde Nette in 2001?  In 2006?  Any positive lesbian stock art decades ago might have prevented or at least slowed Ora Lou Pattison’s descent into Bible-banging bigotry.)–DVM, October 24, 2019, 3:33 PM EST