America Is Inviting Its Own Destruction

Letters from the Beaver County Times.  Left: January 17, 2001; and January 26, 2001.  Right: June 24, 2006, p. A6.  I read the Times from the late Eighties to 2011, when I let my subscription lapse due to the paper’s declining quality; during that time, Alexandra McKenzie was the only writer to come out in the letters column.  (By the way, did interracial lesbian couple stock art [note the watermark and the order number] exist on ye olde Nette in 2001?  In 2006?  Any positive lesbian stock art decades ago might have prevented or at least slowed Ora Lou Pattison’s descent into Bible-banging bigotry.)–DVM, October 24, 2019, 3:33 PM EST

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